Monday, 4 January 2016

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Tractors - Massey Ferguson

Tractors - Lamborghini GreenPro

Forage Harvesting Equipments

Land Developing Equipments

Seeding, Planters & Ridgers

Spraying Equipments

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About us

 & medium sized income Farmers Community.
AGRIPAK General Trading LLC, based in Dubai, UAE, is covering whole Mina Division and United Arab Emirates with Italian, German, Pakistan & Indian Brands of Quality Tractors and a wide choice of Agricultural Machinery to meet the Farming Machinery Sector requirements of every low & medium sized income Farmers Community.

AGRIPAK also deals in Massey Ferguson Tractors and sourcing from Brazil, Pakistan, England and European Countries for its reputable customers.

We offer also the Complete Farming Solution starts from Soil Preparation to Seed Planting Equipment, Spraying, Fertilizing, Reaping, and Threshing, Bailing to Haulage Equipment.

AGRIPAK is renowned the Best Source for Deutz-Fahr Tractors, Massey Ferguson Tractors, and Lamborghini Green Pro Tractors. We closely work with our partners and give complete focus to your particular demands regardless with Quantity requirements. The AGRIPAK Trademark is also renowned for its Best Source of Quality Tractors & Equipment and Genuine OEM Spare Parts
We have in-line problem solution system to suits your timely problem rectification with in 24hrs, and right after, the Parts Needed to be shipped timely.

We are regularly serving the following Customers Profile and Communities;

Lawn, Garden  & Turf Tractors & Equipments,
Green House Tractors & Equipments,
Golf Field Tractors & Equipments,
Horse Arena Field Tractors & Equipments,
Horse Stables Tractors & Equipments,
Construction Companies Tractors & Equipments,
Road Contractors,
Road Building Equipments & Tractors,
Road Maintenance Tractors & Equipments,
Boat towing Tractors,<br/>
Boating Clubs Tractors & Equipments,
Beach Cleaning Tractors & Equipments,
Property Management Equipments & Tractors,
Facility Management Equipments & Tractors,
Railway Tractors & Equipments,
Airport Tractors,
Airport Management Tractors & Equipments,
Aircraft Towing Tractors,
Ship breaking Tractors,
Desert Equipments & Tractors,
Sand Leveling Equipments & Tractors,
Municipality Tractors,
Bilidya Works Tractors,
Racing Tracks Leveling Tractors,
Ground Tractors,
Irrigation Consultancy,Equipments & Tractors
Farm Tractors,
SDF Spare Parts,
MF Spare Parts

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